Stay Active Stay Cool with Greenmeanlimelemon Sports Drink

It’s Angry Good

When you are building up a good sweat on the practice field, or during a game, your body starts to lose water and electrolytes.  While you will recover, if your body doesn’t have access to all the nutrients it needs to build back up your energy reserve, you can struggle to stay focused through the rest of your busy work day. GREENMEANLIMELEMON sports drink works hard to help you maintain both the energy and concentration needed for the highest level of success at all times.

Bring a Boost to Your Morning Workout

Those early morning visits to the gym or the practice field are usually hugely beneficial to your physical health.  Before you have to be concentrating on business or classes for the day, you will have pushed your muscles to their limit providing a refreshing rush of adrenaline to your still waking limbs. However, now that the five mile run is over, you need to replace all that expended energy, and fast.  Grab a bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON for a mouth-zapping shot of exhilarating flavor and power to keep you fueled up for the rest of the day.  The generous 32 oz. bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON will replace all your lost fluid to cool you down while revving up your body with a beneficial blend of nutrients. Get your game on with a morning shot of GREENMEANLIMELEMON sports drink.

Power Through Afternoon Practice

You’ve been working all day long and now you’re dragging just a little bit before hitting the gym.  While the rhythm of exercise gets the flood flowing to your mind, your body is still burning up fluid and nutrients as you challenge yourself to ever greater physical heights. After you hit the showers, grab a bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON to help rebuild all those lost electrolytes with our carefully balanced sports drink. Just one bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON will improve your hydration while working to help you focus on the next challenge that the day will provide.

You won’t need a nap after your workout when you’ve added GREENMEANLIMELEMON to your workout regimen.  You’ll experience the rush of power as it boosts your body past the mid-afternoon lull and prepares you for the adventure of the night.

Rehydrate and Revive During and After the Game

It’s possible the hardest physical thing you do all week long.  A typical game will have you running non-stop for up to three hours.  On a hot, steamy day your body will sweat out pounds of fluid while you fight for the well-earned victory.  Drinking GREENMEANLIMELEMON during and after competition will help you prevent that post-game slump, as you continue to refuel throughout the demanding physical activity. Don’t wait to recover with a hearty meal, jump ahead with GREENMEANLIMELEMON.  Its carefully blended and researched nutrients will work to keep your body in peak physical shape during the game, and while you are celebrating.

Prepare Your Reserves in Advance with GREENMEANLIMELEMON

Two days before the big game, it’s time to start building up your body’s reserves.  Add an extra bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON to your daily routine to give your body an added boost of hydration and nutrition before you work it all out of your system during game day. Your muscles and mind will thank you on Monday morning when you avoid that aching, hung over sensation because you took the time to care for your body and mind with GREENMEANLIMELEMON.

Don’t get angry at yourself when your body wants to call it quits at the gym, get angry with an ice cold bottle of GREENMEANLIMELEMON before and after your workout.