Greenmeanlimelemon Sports Drink

It’s Angry Good!

What is Greenmeanlimelemon?

When looking for something different for your sports drink lineup, check out new Greenmeanlimelemon.  We took all your expectations of a typical sports drink and threw it out the windows. Greenmeanlimelemon will make you excited to take a sip and then a gulp as your power through the day fueled by the angry good energy Greenmeanlimelemon pumps into your body.

An Explosion of Tropical Flavors

Is it lime? Is it lemon? No! GREENMEANLIMELEMON started with a mellow citrus flavor and then amped it up for a killer, angry taste that blends the sour of grapefruit with other natural flavors that resulted in an explosive drink combination. GREENMEANLIMELEMON will have you powered up with flavor every time you pop open a bottle.

Savor the liquid over your tongue and let it slip down your throat. What do you think GREENMEANLIMELEMON tastes like?

What Color Is It?

A sweet pale yellow and lime green is just fine for those other guys.  GREENMEANLIMELEMON is going to grab your attention with its eye-popping neon appearance that pulses in an ice filled glass. Nobody will mistake your cup for theirs when they see the unmistakable gleam of its emerald depths.  We didn’t call it Green Mean for nothing.

Not Another Fizzy Soda

Sometimes you just want to sip that cold drink after a hard day.  GREENMEANLIMELEMON demands you break out the chugging competition.  We didn’t add any bubbles to beat down our electric flavors and colors.  Maybe you want to share some of that brown stuff to make them smile, or perhaps you’d rather shout them down with an icy cold GREENMEANLIMELEMON.

Sip Something Electric

Tea is nice when it’s a little chilly outside. Coffee works well when there’s nothing else. But when you need to wake up and pay attention, you need the power of GREENMEANLIMELEMON behind your morning. Don’t slowly peel your eyes open, snap them to attention with GREENMEANLIMELEMON.


Hey! We’re just guys like you.  While working our way through school, we just couldn’t find that perfect drink that could chase us out of bed, keep us motivated during practice and focus our attention during those killer study sessions.  We wanted something  with a sting and made a statement.  So, in the basement of our chemistry department we set to creating GREENMEANLIMELEMON.

GREENMEANLIMELEMON had to consist of a great adrenaline rush, an easily identifiable color and a flavor nobody could mistake for anything else.  We threw out so many batches as we used our dorm mates as guinea pigs.  Finally, we found it.  The perfect GREENMEANLIMELEMON formula.  When we took that first sip, we all blinked and then screamed our triumph.

It was green, oh it was mean and the rest simply followed.


While the initial research we paid for from our pizza delivery jobs, we did use crowd funding to get the initial run bottled.  That was exciting.  It seems that most major soda companies don’t want to share their factory floors.  We had to do some extensive research in order to find a place that would be willing to package GREENMEANLIMELEMON at an affordable rate.

We found such a place down on the river.  They usually bottled tonic waters for some small general stores in Vermont. Perfect!  With some seed money, we set up our first 1,000 bottles and sold them at the Homecoming Game.  With the profits, and a lot of GREENMEANLIMELEMON fueling our passion, we reinvested in a longer run and we were on our way!

What more is there to say?  GREENMEANLIMELEMON is the perfect sports drink for today’s energetic adult.